12 - 14 Nov 2024

Lesjöfors is looking for something unexpected during Elmia Subcontractor Connect

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Lesjöfors is looking for something unexpected during Elmia Subcontractor Connect
This year's ambassador to Elmia Subcontractor is, naturally, involved in the matchmaking during Elmia Subcontractor Connect. They hope to make new contacts with new companies in unexpected branches. Matchmaking creates the perfect opportunity for such unexpected meetings.

For Sweden's largest actor in industrial springs, it was an obvious step to sign up for matchmaking when the decision was made to cancel Elmia Subcontractor.

- Elmia Subcontractor is our main event in the whole of the Nordic region and when it was cancelled, we looked for other events that could add some value to us. The exhibition is more of a meeting place where we meet our customers, both old and new, whilst at matchmaking we can focus on potential customers where there is an immediate need, says Henrik Berner, Sales Manager at Lesjöfors AB.

During this year's matchmaking, Henrik Berner hopes to find new companies in new industries where he has not previously identified the need for spring products. It is common for the companies he meets in these new segments to be unaware there is the technical competence in this area here in Sweden.

- We hope to make contacts with companies that we have not had before and in industries where we have not yet been represented. It is something that can have a ripple effect across the industry since there are some competitors out there where we are able to get a foothold, he says, using the medical industry as an example:

- You wouldn’t necessarily think that there are applications with springs in the medical industry, but they exist in syringes, inhalers and other types of hospital equipment such as breathing aids. If you research the market, it is easy to follow up.

Why is it particularly important at present to be seen and to be involved in matchmaking?

- We have noticed that there is both a clear need for contact and a pent-up need to think outside the box. Although matchmaking has been around for many years, it is a great vehicle to enable sellers and buyers to meet.