12 - 14 Nov 2024

Bufab Sweden has its sights set on sustainability

Bufab Sweden has its sights set on sustainability
The two overall themes during Elmia Subcontractor 2023 were sustainability and competence. Something that suited Bufab Sweden very well with the contents of their stand. Hear Martin Älverdal, sales director, and Jonas Nyman, talent trainee, share their experience of the fair - and how Bufab Sweden is working long-term for the future with both sustainability and competence supply.

Bufab Sweden is a full-service partner for C-parts within the supply chain, originating in the entrepreneurial heart of Sweden; The Småland region. In 2023, they participated at Elmia Subcontractor with their logistics solutions - but also to present their sustainability work. The latter they also shared at a seminar from Main stage on Thursday at the fair. When asked why Elmia Subcontractor is a relevant arena for Bufab Sweden, Martin Älverdal, Sales Director Bufab Sweden, answers: 

- For us, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase our companies and make new contacts. In addition, we see it as a chance for us within the group to meet customers together, which is very rewarding. Bufab does not have its own products, instead the presence here is very much about creating relationships and networking with our existing - and new - customers. 

Martin describes that the impression of the fair and the visitors was extremely positive, and that they noticed a great interest in their stand. 

- We are more than satisfied with the number of visitors at the fair! During Wednesday, there were approximately 5,000 visitors at the fair, and we served 500 cups of coffee at our stand. Hopefully that means we had the opportunity to speak to at least 10% of all visitors, which is fantastic! 

"Increased demands on sustainability today" 

Bufab Sweden has a broad customer base in many different industries, they can be found in everything from furniture to aircraft. However, something that is a common thread in all customer contacts is the increased awareness, and interest, in sustainability. Martin believes that today there are other demands from their customers when it comes to sustainability, and develops further: 

- We notice in the contact with our customers today that they are in different maturity phases regarding the sustainability work, and then it is up to us to be able to meet it. In many cases, we are much further ahead in that way of thinking than our customers, which is a fun challenge. We want to be part of their journey and drive development around sustainability and challenge our customers to rethink and think anew. We really invest in this and have five full-time employees who work with sustainability with us, two of whom are here at Elmia. 

Competence supply - an investment in the future 

Recruiting the right skills is a challenge in many sectors today. Bufab has found a solution to that through a talent trainee program, which was also represented at the fair by Jonas Nyman, trainee Bufab Sweden. 

- Bufab has a program you can apply to, and this year three trainees were taken in for Bufab Sweden and two for Bufab Lann. I came to Bufab Sweden as a salesperson, which is a lot of fun! The idea is that we trainees will work in different offices around Sweden, where we will learn the company from the ground up and get an understanding for everything from warehousing to quality, sustainability and sales. This is so that we get the overall picture and understand what value we as a company deliver to our customers. We have just had 10 weeks of practice in various areas and are now phasing in more customer contacts and actual visits. 

Participating at Elmia Subcontractor in his role as a trainee is something Jonas is very happy about. He elaborates: 

- Elmia Subcontratcor has been fantastically useful for me! I have been able to meet many of our customers but have also had to form my own opinion about new potential customers in the future. I have also been able to see all our competitors that exist, very valuable!