12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case:DAZOQ – Energy Intelligence puts you in control of energy consumption

Today, Swedish industries are facing some unprecedented challenges. The existence of many companies is now threatened due to the unpredictable energy market that brings periods of extremely high electricity prices. There are big savings to be made, and they don't have to require investments costing millions.

BTT Plåt, based in Kisa, manufactures and processes quality parts in thin and medium sheet metal. It is a company that is constantly looking for new ways to optimise its operations in order to develop both its staff and the company. But there was one area in particular where they wanted to become even better, and where they were facing challenges in getting ahead - energy consumption. The problem was that they couldn't track their energy consumption at the process level or visualise it. Unlike a water leak where it is easy to see where the problem is occurring, it is harder to see where energy is being wasted.

Using DAZOQ's Energy Intelligence solution, BTT sheet metal can now wirelessly measure the real-time electricity consumption of their energy-consuming processes and easily visualise them. In this way, they now have an overview of their power peaks, where they use the most electricity and when. With this knowledge, BTT has been able to prioritise and act on energy wastage within the factory's processes. As an example, BTT has developed new ways of working to avoid power peaks in the morning and after lunch, so that they pay less for the power they use each month. By calculating the cost of production, they also realised that it was better to work more efficiently during the day, with higher staffing levels, than to run shifts at night.

Energy Intelligence was used continuously to address their energy consumption and they could see that after a 2-year period the savings amounted to 19% compared to before.

Energy Intelligence is based on DAZOQ's Internet of Things platform for industries. Wireless sensors are used to collect data for electricity, water and gas consumption. The data is sent to the cloud service where the user can log in and get real-time information on consumption, graphs, KPIs, alarms, reports and more. The service facilitates the process of energy efficiency improvement for industries and Dazoq also offers ongoing energy consulting to help customers get the most out of the service.

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