12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: Warpin Media – Develop your skills through VR

Meeting the training needs of tomorrow's workforce and future resources will require new ways that are flexible, time-efficient and engaging.
Studies show that using VR training can shorten training time, increase emotional engagement, focus and retention.

In many cases, VR training can prepare staff well for different situations. It allows for new and varied training to speed up the learning process. VR also provides the opportunity to train for dangerous and risky tasks or events that occur less frequently such as fire drills, terrorist attacks and other such activities. 

Of course, VR cannot replace everything but it can often be an excellent complement to existing training.

Postnord and TPL

Show how Postnord and TPL use VR in their staff training. This ranges from vehicle control and leadership to truck safety.

Piteå Municipality

How VR can be used to practice movement techniques. Piteå Municipality faced some challenges in training their staff in the field of elderly care. It took time to register, get everyone to actually attend the training and it had a huge impact on normal activities. To make it easier and to be able to train more people quickly, they made a transfer to training in VR. This way, employees can repeat the training several times if required and can also carry it out at their own workplace when they have time and opportunity.


Zynca is a job matching company that works with the employment agency. They help those furthest from the labour market to find jobs. To create a better match between workers and companies, they created different job introduction experiences in VR. There, job seekers can experience what working in a restaurant kitchen, warehouse, house keeping and service job entails. Applicants can be tested on their knowledge as well as their aptitude for more practical skills such as making hamburgers and sorting parcels. 

The job introductions are supported by translations into English, Arabic, Tigrinya and Persian.


An opportunity to practice public speaking. You can choose from a few different settings and audiences. You can also upload your own PPT presentation.

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