12 - 14 Nov 2024

Material walks

During the fair, specially composed guided tours are arranged with materials guru Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovations, where the materials of the future are presented. Here you get unique knowledge, background facts and inspiring descriptions of carefully selected materials and constructions.



A theme area for each fair day. The presentation starts at InnoDex, in English and takes about 30 minutes. Participation is free of charge for you as a visitor.

Number of participants is limited for each walk. Pre-register to secure your spot. Drop-in is subject to availability.

Tuesday 14 November 15:00

Circular high-advanced materials

  • Grown Innovation seat concept
  • Traffic sign from bio-panel
  • Caramelt biodegradable hot melt adhesive
  • Foam from kelp
  • MyHelmet: cycle helmet from mycelium and hemp
  • Seawood: chemical-free fibreboards made from brown seaweed

Wednesday 15 November 15:00

Smart materials for industrial products

  • World's first fridge working with magnetocaloric cooling
  • Self-healing composite technology
  • Gearbox with 4D printed gearwheels
  • Programmable materials
  • Invisible Shield

Thursday 16 November 15:00

Materials for new mobility

  • DeVee: CfK-ultra-light chassis by free-form winding technology
  • Car seat from flax fibers
  • Hydrogen storage from carbon fiber winding with thermoplastic binding
  • Car door with vibroacoustic meta materials
  • Coating of brake discs reducing fine dust emissions by 90%


Agne Svedberg, Dalelven, Development of products
Here I got input on future materials and technologies, touch and feel the products and a good dialogue with the participants, which allowed me to learn even more about what the supplier had to offer me.
Agne Svedberg, Dalelven, Development of products