12 - 14 Nov 2024
For Exhibitors

Codes on visitors name badge

All our visitors will be wearing name badges during the fair. The letters on the badges symbolize the visitors various areas of responsibility and area of activity.

Codes on visitors name badge (pdf)

Function/Area of responsibility

Industry/Area of activity


Company Management

A Metal processing/Manufac-turing/Precision engineering
b Production management/technicians B Vehicle manufacturing/ subcontractors
c Product development/Design/
Technical design
C Manufacturing and trade in machinery
d Production and assembly/Welder/
Machine Configuration Officer
D Manufacturing of steel and metal incl. foundry
e Quality manager/Responsible
welding coordinator
E Rubber and plastics
f Inspection/testing/visual testing F Electronics and electrical engineering
g Maintenance/Operations G Wood/furniture/textile
h Purchasing/Logistics H Welding and joining technology
i Marketing/Sales I Engineering agencies/
j Environment/Working environment J Training/R&D
k Personnel/HR K Automation (components, robots, systems integrator)
l Teacher/Researcher L Construction and building design, materials
m Service/Support M Digitalization and IT-supplier
n Student N Tool, prototype and mould design
o Other O Service, repair and maintenance
    P Heavy industry/Process
    Q Packaging
    R Medical devices/Medicines
    S Food/Agriculture
    T Surface treatment
    U Energy
    V Heating, ventilation and sanitation
    W Aviation and space
    X Printing
    Y Chemistry
    Z Railway and infrastructure
    Å Telecom
    Ä Paper/Pulp
    Ö Offshore