21 - 24 Aug 2024

A fair that shows the road ahead

There are many reasons for exhibiting at Elmia Lastbil. One reason is of course people – and the commercial vehicles – but nevertheless it is mainly about doing business, arranging meetings and looking ahead. With its unique position in the middle of southern Sweden, Elmia Lastbil attracts around 30,000 people who are in one way or another interested in commercial vehicles. Here you have the opportunity of meeting both present customers and future customers at one and the same place.

Fully 90 percent of the visitors have a clear connection to the industry, and independent surveys also show that they come from the entire industry; ranging from haulage contractors of modest size to the country’s absolutely largest actors.

News that takes new routes
The fact that commercial vehicles are topical is evident in the large number of journalists who visit the fair. Usually there are about 100 accredited journalists present to monitor the industry’s latest news, innovations and technical developments. Topical debates are also held here with various industry representatives, decision makers and public authorities. Also one of the country’s leading trade journals, Trailer Magazine, are joint organise of Elmia Lastbil, which guarantees even greater coverage of the fair. The exhibitors’ own news items are also marketed via various media, both in printed form and in social media.

The entire industry
Elmia Lastbil is a meeting place that is greatly appreciated, not least because it reaches such a large part of the market; about 30,000 visitors from the haulage and transport industry, which is an industry that is estimated to have an extremely high employment growth rate, with some 349,000 gainfully employed people by the year 2030 (source: HUI Research, June 2017).

Colleagues of the future
An important aspect of the fair is creating a meeting place between the haulage and transport industry and the next generation of future colleagues, and all the country’s transport and engineering schools are invited to the fair, and invited to participate in various events.

A safe bet – since 1983
Elmia Lastbil is the only international trade fair in the Nordic Area and is incomparably the largest national fair held during 2022. Elmia Lastbil has long been the event that is most visited and discussed, which means that you can expect many new encounters, inquisitive visitors and potential cooperation.