21 - 24 Aug 2024

Awards go to Sweden’s best high schools

Awards go to Sweden’s best high schools
Sweden’s best high schools in the transport field are Vreta Utbildningscenter and Wendesgymnasiet. The schools won the “transport” and “machinery and truck technology” categories respectively in the schools competition that concluded during Elmia Lastbil.

“It has been terrific to watch all the girls and boys compete strongly during the competition,” comments Staffan Kloow from one of the competition organisers, Yrkesakademin (YA). “Everyone has worked really well and hard to gain one of the winning spots.”

The province of Skåne dominated the awards ceremony for Sweden’s best high schools in transport and in machinery and truck technology. Of the total of six awards, Skåne took home three: second and third places in the transport category and first place in machinery and truck technology.

Each category had eight participants, who performed the various competition stages both indoors and outside. Judges assessed their carefulness, speed and efficiency.

The competition is a tradition at Elmia Lastbil, and after it opens for entries in April students compete strongly to gain one of the places to compete at the fair itself.

“This is really a hugely important fair for the students, who gain an insight here into what their future work roles will be like,” comments Staffan Kloow. “They also think it’s great fun. True, there’s the pressure of the time element but for the competition everyone makes that little bit extra effort.”

When all the calculations were in, Vreta Utbildningscenter in Vreta Kloster and Wendesgymnasiet in Kristianstad could receive the public’s applause from the large stage as the two best schools in Sweden.

Second place in the transport category was won by Tegelbruksgymnasiet in Klippan, and in third place came Malenagymnasiet in Sjöbo.

In the machinery and truck technology category, Nobelgymnasiet in Karlstad won second and Nyköpingsgymnasiet in Nyköping won third.