21 - 24 Aug 2024

Trailer number 9 is Elmia Lastbil's official trade fair magazine

Trailer number 9 is Elmia Lastbil's official trade fair magazine
Ahead of Elmia Lastbil 2022, the organizing group Elmia AB and Trailer will continue their collaboration and make the August issue of Trailer a special issue with the trade fair magazine inside. This means that you book an advertisement in the official trade fair magazine just as before via Martin Lindström on Trailer / FABAS.

- This is the right way to go, we want what we print on paper to be interesting for the reader and be able to live longer than a day. Combining the practical information about the fair with Trailer's interesting reports is a win-win for everyone, including the environment, says Emilott Lantz, fair manager Elmia Lastbil.


- We see that this will be an even more interesting issue for our readers, who make up a large part of the visitors at the fair, in addition it will probably be our thickest magazine to date, says Rutger Andersson, editor-in-chief Trailer.


We do this so that the trade fair magazine becomes a more interesting product for the reader, has a longer lifespan and overall less imprint on the environment when we in practice reduce the pressure by making a magazine of the previous two.


About the trade fair magazine / Trailer 9

Trailer number 9 goes out to subscribers in advance on 18 August 2022, and is then distributed under Elmia Lastbil 24-27 August 2022. This means that the trade fair magazine has the potential to reach over 80,000 readers. If you want to book an advertisement, contact Martin Lindström: 0705-957875, martin.lindstrom@fabas.se