15 - 17 Nov 2022

World unique product graphene coated textile G-HEATEX™ will be launched at Elmia Subcontractor 2021

World unique product graphene coated textile G-HEATEX™  will be launched at Elmia Subcontractor 2021
During the Elmia Subcontractor Grafren AB will release the world unique product, branded as G-HEATEX. G-HEATEX™ is graphene coated textile, which supply powerful and uniform heat – being still soft, flexible, breathable and ultralightweight.

Grafren AB is a young& ambitious company, spinned off from Linköping University, which is aiming on bringing the graphene products to the market. Graphene, a new nanomaterial, got a lot of attention recently, but has not really reached the market yet. “It can be partially explained by too high expectations, says Erik Khranovskyy, CEO and founder of Grafren – but mainly due to the insufficient quality of graphene material. Low quality material can not deliver the expected performance in any products”.

Grafren has recently patented two key innovations, which are now covering their full production cycle. They have the unique technology for separation of high-quality of graphene flakes from any grade of incoming material.

Our method secures/garantees the required quality of the incoming graphene material for production process, thus enables access to low-cost and wide range of graphene suppliers explains Erik.

The access to the high quality graphene enabled the next invention at the company – graphene textiles. -We invented the method how to incorporate smallest flakes of graphene inside of the fabric on the nanoscale level says Grafrens technical director, Dr. Mike Zhyback.

Graphene nanoparticles – flakes - are impregnated inside the fabric and coating entirely layer by layer every individual textile fiber. Such a structure is completely unique and is possible only due to graphene flakes two-dimensional geometry. Because of high electrical conductivity of graphene, attached flakes create a “conductive skin” on every fiber - which makes the entire fabric electrically active. Graphene can be coated on diverse textile substrates and the electrical resistance can be tailored depending on the application requirements.

-Our graphene textiles offer excellent electrical conductivity and are extremely lightweight and soft. Being metals-free, they are stable in aggressive media environments, are non-allergic to humans and particularly good for the environment – since in the process we are using only water and graphene say Grafrens CEO.

- Graphene textiles can have many applications in diverse industries – Defense, Aerospace, Healthcare or Mobility/Automotive due to number of functions it possesses. At present Grafren focused on heating function of the fabric – and created a worlds first fully textile electrical heating elements. Such elements are still a textile – soft, thin, lightweight, but can deliver powerful and uniform/homogeneous heat. “In our case the whole fabric surface is radiating/emitting heat – thus we have a large area of heat. Therefore, it is possible to deliver large amount of heat without necessity to reach high temperatures, says Sandra Knopic, business developer at Grafren AB.

-At present such a combination of properties no other solution on the market can offer. The novel heaters can be used for outdoor clothing, for keeping the batteries warm at sub-zero temperatures or even being as a part of interior in the electric vehicles says Sam Issa, the marketing director at Grafren AB.

 Grafren will demonstrate the innovative G-HEATEX™ heaters on the Northern Europe's leading subcontractor fair Elmia Subcontractor 9 – 12 of November 2021, stand D03:28.

Heating surface
Thermal Image of the heating element
Textile heating element - close view.