15 - 17 Nov 2022

Swedish, Innovative and Sustainable - Weland will be building new bridges at Elmia Subcontractor in November

Swedish, Innovative and Sustainable - Weland will be building new bridges at Elmia Subcontractor in November
At last we are able to meet again in person. That's exactly how Weland is feeling ahead of Elmia Subcontractor this autumn. And the message from the group is clear and simple.
- We’re here, says Mattias Andersson, Marketing Manager at Weland AB.

It's somewhat of a statement from Weland. We’re here - at Elmia Subcontractor. As a tentative new beginning for physical meetings and new business opportunities. It was obvious for Weland where this new beginning should take place.

- We want to be accessible to our customers, to colleagues in the industry and to other visitors. It is important to show that - slowly and safely - we can return to something resembling normal. It feels really good to be back at Elmia Subcontractor," says Mattias Andersson.


Weland will not only be demonstrating its expertise in sheet metal working at Elmia Subcontractor. The group includes a wide breadth of branches from across the manufacturing industry, and this breadth is a recurring theme in the stand.

- Many people associate Weland with steel, but we are much more than that and this year we will be exhibiting together with Weland Plastic. This is an expansive full-service company that works extensively with the automotive industry," says Mattias Andersson.

But he’s not going to reveal exactly which new products will be on show at Elmia Subcontractor just yet.

- We have news that hopefully can further develop our own business whilst leading to new collaboration, he says.


For Weland, Elmia Subcontractor has always been the natural meeting place. It is also an important place for spreading the Group's message - Swedish, Innovative and Sustainable. Something that has been a successful strategy for promoting the brand.

- We want to show that we have broad expertise in a variety of industries. Elmia Subcontractor is a very good bridge between the company and its customers. It's a natural meeting place where we can showcase our full capabilities and demonstrate our local presence," says Mattias Andersson.