15 - 17 Nov 2022

Smart industry with AI and integrated measurement data

Smart industry with AI and integrated measurement data
Boosting competitiveness requires working smarter. Using the latest technology, HordaGruppen is honing its production process to be at the cutting edge for demanding customers.

“Smart industry is about the big picture, about working smart in an efficient technical production solution,” says Andreas Helmersson, CEO of HordaGruppen AB.

As a polymer specialist, HordaGruppen has more than 40 years’ experience as a supplier to the automotive industry, which places tough demands on quality and traceability. Therefore, at an early stage, the company began moving from fixtures to vision systems to ensure that every product that leaves the machine meets set quality requirements. Some of the cameras are fitted with AI for machine learning, and the vision system can also be connected to business systems for storage and sharing of quality data.

Time gains and quality assurance

“This not only saves us time, above all it improves quality assurance and increases competitiveness,” says Andreas.

Industri 4.0 is very much about data. Producing and saving data is no problem today.

“But even more important is how you process your data,” says Andreas.

For example, measuring process parameters gives reliable answers as to which process windows are required to ensure production is as reliable as possible.

Virtual machines for test runs

HordaGruppen is also in the start-up phase of creating digital twins, virtual machines, for test runs that can predict the production process, correct parameters and improve forecasts.

On 15 March this year, HordaGruppen was acquired by AnVa Industries AB of Västerås, an engineering group with eight operating units. This is why HordaGruppen is at Elmia Subcontractor for the first time this year, under a shared stand.

“This is a new event for us but it feels just right. We’re definitely noticing a pent-up need for people to meet face-to-face. The fair for me is a social forum, a contact interface with customers, suppliers and business partners,” Andreas Helmersson concludes.