12 - 14 Nov 2024

NEVS on the lookout for suppliers for the mobility solution of the future

 NEVS on the lookout for suppliers for the mobility solution of the future
The mobility of the future has already arrived. At Elmia Subcontractor, Nevs will show the new autonomous car Sango, which is the basis of their mobility solution for shared travel. At the same time, Nevs is looking for new suppliers to collaborate with in further development.

  - We are showing our very first prototype, now we will develop the next generation. We'll start with a few hundred vehicles to use in the first pilot cities and then scale up to build thousands. It is for these cars that we are now looking for suppliers," says Nicklas Andersson, project manager at Nevs.

The Sango can be described as a car but, at the same time, not. At the same time as Nevs is a car manufacturer, it isn’t. Does that sound odd? Actually, it's quite simple, it's simply a mobility service using self-driving vehicles for shared trips.

  Something that will be evident at the Nevs stand adjacent to the Subcontractor Tech Arena where, of course, the Sango car will be on display for all visitors.

  - We have previously shown the car in Oslo and Gothenburg, and have received a very positive response. Many people responsible for these issues in our regions have never even seen this kind of on-demand solution. That's why we want to raise awareness in both the political world and in the industry to show what kind of changes are taking place," says Nicklas Andersson.


Opportunities for exhibitors at Elmia Subcontractor

A transition is underway that, in many ways, can be likened to the recent advance of electric vehicles. It is a transition that also offers great opportunities for Swedish suppliers working with innovative production techniques and sustainable solutions.

  - We don't have the high volumes that an OEM normally has, so we are looking for alternative suppliers that can meet our new needs. We believe that this group of exhibitors can be found at Elmia Subcontractor, but that they may not see the automotive industry as their main customer. A product like this requires constant changes in concept and so we need to work with several different types of manufacturing companies, ranging from traditional plastics and sheet metal to more advanced mechatronic products that are connected to work in the on-demand services of the future. We hope to find many of these suppliers here at Elmia Subcontractor," says Nicklas Andersson.

  Suppliers that he knows will be at Elmia Subcontractor. Suppliers who are professional, who are already working with Industry 4.0 and who are used to the tough demands of their current customers, says Nicklas Andersson.

  - We are looking for suppliers who have a high level of technology and can produce advanced products, and who are also able to deliver lower volumes. We may be an automotive company, but our needs are a little different when it comes to volumes. That's why the arena is the perfect place for us to meet," he says.


Future mobility in the stage programme

At the same time, it's not just about building a car. It's also about building an entirely new mobility solution that solves people's everyday problems in a seamless way. Because the Sango autonomous car is just one part of the Nevs solution - it includes an entire ecosystem of digital services to create the mobility of the future. Something that Nevs will be talking more about both on the Subcontractor Tech Arena stage and on the Main Stage.

  - It's a big mental step to understand what it is that we actually offer. At Elmia Subcontractor, we have films and the actual car on display to make things easier to understand. After all, we are building a car that can replace 20 other cars through carpooling. Instead of parking the car, it goes off to the next job. There is a strong sustainability idea in the concept itself, with a desire that there should also be a sustainability aspect in the cars we build in terms of choice of materials and the like, says Nicklas Andersson.


Curious about Nevs? Check out the presentations at the Subcontractor Tech Arena and Main Stage:


Shared Mobility - Travelling individually together

Nicklas Andersson, Senior Business Program Leader, NEVS

17 November

1.30-14.00 p.m.

Tech Arena, Hall D

To reduce the number of cars on our roads, we can't all have our own cars, we need to start sharing journeys. How do you create safety and a sense of privacy in self-driving vehicles shared with strangers? New technological solutions need to be developed to transform the vehicles of the future.


Mobility in transition - Opportunities, challenges and partnerships

16 November


Main Stage, Hall C

Peter Dahl, Programme Director, NEVS

The future of mobility with self-driving shared vehicles will bring new business models that will place new demands on product development, users and suppliers alike.