12 - 14 Nov 2024

Introducing the 100% wooden credit card

Introducing the 100% wooden credit card
A credit card made of wood? That works the same way as a plastic one? Now there is a unique wooden material that is up to four times stronger than when it is in its natural raw state - an environmentally friendly alternative to both plastic and metal.

The plastics industry faces major challenges in the future. Greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process and poor to zero recycling in many parts of the world are two of them. A credit card made of wood can help solve these challenges. Swiss Wood Cards are made from 100% European wood - such as maple, cherry, oak or spruce - from certified sustainable forests and have exactly the same benefits as a plastic credit card.

- A wooden credit card offers a biodegradable and carbon-saving alternative to the global card industry, which has an estimated annual volume of 37 billion cards," said Dr Sascha Peters, founder of Berlin-based Haute Innovation and innovation expert, presenting at Subcontractor InnoDex during Elmia Subcontractor in November.

Through a patented thermomechanical treatment, Swiss Wood Solution has developed several unique wood materials - Sonowood for musical instruments, the durable Bijouwood and the ultra-thin and durable veneer, Sensoveneer.

Musical instruments in particular have traditionally been made from tough tropical woods.

- Tropical woods have always been highly valued for their hardness, density, durability or special texture and colour for certain applications. But their use is often criticised because of long transport routes, destruction of rainforests and unsustainable forestry practices, says Dr Sasha Peters.


This is where thermomechanical treatment comes in. The treatment makes European woods extremely compressed, giving them a hardness three to four times greater than in their raw state. The wood’s natural tendency to swell and shrink is also minimised. This makes the materials useful in producing furniture, musical instruments, car interiors and credit and ID cards.

- In short, with its innovative and pioneering solutions, Swiss Wood Solutions is helping to preserve both our European tree populations and the endangered rainforest, while reducing the use of environmentally harmful plastics in everyday products," says Dr Sasha Peters.


The unique materials from Swiss Wood Solutions – along with some 60 other innovations - can be seen at Subcontractor InnoDex during Elmia Subcontractor, 9-12 November. And don't miss Dr Christian Lehringer from Swiss Wood Solutions speaking under the title "SonoWood - densified solid wood as a metal alternative" in this year's digital programme at Elmia Subcontractor.

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