12 - 14 Nov 2024

Elmia Subcontractor is back, setting the tone for the manufacturing industry of the future!

Elmia Subcontractor is back, setting the tone for the manufacturing industry of the future!
With one month to go, we are looking forward to this year's fair, which takes place between 14-16 November. This year, just as before, Elmia Subcontractor will bring together the manufacturing industry's leading experts and innovators. This year there will be an extra special focus on sustainability and competence - two of the manufacturing industry's biggest challenges going forward.

- "We look forward to once again creating a platform where the industry's experts can share their knowledge and both give and take inspiration. This year's focus on sustainability and competence will reflect the challenges and opportunities that characterise the manufacturing industry of the future," says Helena Åhs, Exhibition Manager Elmia Subcontractor.

Focus on sustainable business
At a time when climate awareness and the demands to adapt to new sustainability standards are increasing, the fair will continue to explore how sustainability efforts can have a doubly positive effect - both for the environment and for the future of businesses.

The Sustainability Arena, which is moving into Hall C this year, will have a wider range of exhibitors. Here you can get help and advice on issues such as life cycle assessment, material recycling, energy efficiency and the new EU directive CSRD - and not least how to make your sustainability work into a competitive advantage.

Innovation and technological change
The inspirational Subcontractor InnoDex arena, which focuses on new materials, innovative technologies and creative designs, is also characterised by sustainability. This year's themes at the materials and innovation exhibition are Green Energy & Mobility, Circular Materials, Smart Materials and AM Transformation.

The massive technological transformation that the manufacturing industry is currently undergoing poses a significant challenge for many - but also opens up exciting opportunities.
This is where the inspirational Tech Arena comes in - the arena where the technology of the future is at the centre, where exhibitors and real cases show the possibilities of technology.
A new feature for this year is that the arena has a Startup Area, where smaller and start-up companies get the chance to present their groundbreaking innovations and solutions, and interact with established manufacturing companies.
- "With this initiative, we want to contribute to collaboration so that companies together can navigate the challenges facing the manufacturing industry, promote growth and create a sustainable future," says Helena Åhs.

Skills for the future
The transition to automation and digitalisation requires significant investment and skills development. Many traditional production methods are being replaced by advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, requiring the workforce to adapt to new skills. The success of companies will depend on the skills they possess. To meet the growing demand for expertise, companies need to invest in training their staff and also ensure that they can hire the most qualified people in their respective fields.

To address the major challenge of future skills supply in the manufacturing industry, this year Elmia Subcontractor is launching a new initiative called Competence Arena. Here you will have the opportunity to meet recruitment and staffing companies, education coordinators and students. The aim is to offer solutions, but above all to create dialogue regarding both current and future competence needs in the manufacturing industry.

- The manufacturing industry is at a tipping point where innovation and adaptability in terms of skills will be crucial. The challenge for companies lies largely in finding the right balance between traditional production and innovative technologies and ensuring that the labour force is equipped for the new requirements. This is where we as a fair organiser, through our activities, want to be involved and make a real difference," concludes Helena Åhs.