15 - 17 Nov 2022

Digital transformation through collaboration with tech-companies

Digital transformation through collaboration with tech-companies
A global network for new business opportunities. November 9-12 will THINGS participates at Elmia Subcontractor together with eight sharp tech-companies within everything from robotics to drones, VR, AI and computer vision.

THINGS started 2015 with the vision to establish sustainable, international business relationships between sharp tech-companies and established corporates. It is easy to miss the great competence that exist on the startup-scene, THINGS work therefor to find and create business opportunities for these tech-companies to help build relationships with established corporates. Meanwhile the established corporates get the opportunity to find and meet new solutions, workflows and innovations which can help develop their businesses.

 As a self-financed business, THINGS follows the passion for Deep Tech with a focus on industry, infrastructure, utilities and mobility. During Covid, THINGS took the next step to accelerate their exciting internationalizing journey! With around 100 member companies from Tokyo to Silicon Valley, whereof half is startup companies and half corporates, THINGS offers a broad network for new business opportunities!

- At THINGS we highly value the physical meeting since it is a prerequisite to establish new sustainable business relationships. We are happy that Elmia Subcontractor is back as a physical arrangement, and we have invited eight sharp tech-companies from within robotics, drones, VR, AI and computer vision to join us at Elmia Subcontractor 2021. We will together showcase concrete suggestions of innovative solutions which are ready to be put to work today says Magnus Melander Co-Founder & Evangelist, THINGS.

Description of participating startups

  • Realisator
    Realisator is a rescue tech company that has developed the firefighting, remote controlledrobot Fumo. Fumo is developed to assist all rescue-services around the world to improve their working conditions.
  • Gimic
    Gimic combines cameras with AI to enable efficient inspections. They help reduce defect rates with autonomous visual inspections and optimising the production flow.
  • Forloop
    ai helps logistics, supply chain and manufacturing companies get control of their data and make use of machine learning (ML). 

    We've helped clients with:
    - Predictive maintenance.
    - Price and route optimization for logistics.
  • Ipercept
    IPercept makes the users of industrial machinery more efficient by providing automated and plug&play condition monitoring solutions, which are customized to the specifics of complex machines.
  • Gleechi
    Gleechi use Virtual Reality (VR) to provide education and training in safe virtual environments which has proven to reduce learning time within industry companies with more than 50%, as well as reduced user-errors with more than 35%.
  • Inkonova
    Inkonova specializes in development of innovative drone products, using autonomous SLAM-based robotics for inspections and mapping.
  • LumenRadio
    LumenRadio provide reliable and low power device-to-device wireless mesh connectivity for the most business-critical applications.
  • MTEK
    MTEK's no-code platform for factory intelligence, MBrain, goes beyond Industry 4.0 by applying a human and method-centric approach to digitization. With a first-of-its-kind approach to MES, operational excellence support and beyond, MTEK helps you Make Things Better.

Meet THINGS in their stand 9-112 of November at Elmia Subcontractor.


-Magnus Melander, Co-Founder & Evangelist, THINGS
“Through our long-lasting cooperation with Elmia Subcontractor, THINGS have had the possibility to offer our members meetings with both big and small industry companies. Elmia Subcontractor gives us and our members phenomenal service and support!”
-Magnus Melander, Co-Founder & Evangelist, THINGS