15 - 17 Nov 2022

Collaboration boosts product development

Collaboration boosts product development
When a new product is created nowadays, it virtually always contains some kind of electronics or intelligence. Jelmtech and Svep Design Center of Skåne are working together to actualise customer projects in a wide range of industries.

An electronic lock with a digital key, a connected pallet that ensures an uninterrupted chain of cooling, or even a wearable that helps you improve your golf swing. Product development consultants Jelmtech and electronics/software developers Svep Design Center create synergies when they deal with customers’ ideas about the products of tomorrow.

“Here at Jelmtech we consult on product development in all kinds of industries, the common denominator being high-volume tool-bound production,” says Carl-Fredrik Emilsson, CEO and co-owner at Jelmtech.

Simulation and analysis

The majority of projects relate to the injection moulding industry, with a focus on mechanics development and particular expertise in simulation and strength measurement.

“We can quality assure a product already in the technical design phase, to ensure it’s optimised for the injection moulding process, for example, long before tool-based manufacturing begins,” Carl-Fredrik explains.

Function-based industrial design

It is never a given that product-owning companies have sufficient resources in product development, and this is why Jelmtech’s expertise in function-based industrial design and mechanics is so much in demand.

“But almost all products made nowadays contain some kind of electronics and software. More and more products need to be connected and contain some kind of intelligence, and this is where Svep Design Center is such an important collaboration partner for us,” says Carl-Fredrik.

Connected IoT solutions

Various product examples are being shown at the companies’ joint stand at Elmia Subcontractor, where one of this year’s themes is Collaboration. Smart industrial design in combination with connected IoT solutions means added value for users.

“In this lock, Jelmtech was behind the actual mechanics and enclosure, while Svep created the communication script. This makes life easier for the home-care services, for instance, as they can have a digital key linked to their phone. You can also create one-off codes and log who enters and exits through the door,” Carl-Fredrik explains.

Many renowned product owners have turned to Jelmtech and Svep Design Center for help with their product development. And Elmia Subcontractor has become an important place to meet customers.

“This is the only trade fair we do in a year, and it’s always productive,” Carl-Fredrik Emilsson concludes.