15 - 17 Nov 2022

Can you offer what the buyers are looking for?

Can you offer what the buyers are looking for?
The matchmaking event, Subcontractor Connect 2021 is the right meeting place for purchasers, R&D managers and suppliers from all over Europe. Through short, effective and pre-booked business meetings, you can build the foundation for tomorrow’s valuable business deals.

Swedish and European buyers in a number of industries are looking for new
suppliers, new technology and innovative solutions at the Elmia Subcontractor fair.

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  • Alimak Group Sweden AB
  • Alnarp Cleanwater Technology AB - Looking for assembly/manufacture of electronic box, also looking for roto molding.
  • Autoliv Sverige AB – Looking for suppliers working with stamping, deep drawing, plastic injection molding, industrial automation and electrical connectors.
  • CrystOptX AB – Looking for tools and equipment for manufacturing supertools and superequipments.
  • Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection AB – Looking for suppliers of steel, electronics, plastic and hydraulics.
  • Erz og Partner ApS - Looking for metal castings in cooper alloys, iron, steel and light metals.
  • Fabryka Turas – Looking for metal sheet suppliers, cooperation for tooling in pressing and cold metal forming.
  • FLIT Support AB - Looking for suppliers working with 3D-printing and CAD- modeling.
  • Fortaco Group Oy – Looking for steel ready-to-weld operator and cabin components.
  • Global Meccanica – Looking for special purpose machine and stainless steel round bars.
  • Haptic R&D Consulting SRL - looking for new consortia to join as company partner in Horizon Europé.
  • Hem Design Studio AB – Looking for Wood furniture production, sheet metal production, tube bending, welding, veneer, FSC materials, packaging, surface finishing.
  • Husqvarna AB – Looking for suppliers working with casting.
  • IKEA – Looking for suppliers of aluminium (castings, profiles, sheet).
  • Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc. – Looking for metal powder for metal injection moulding and a tehcnical sales representative.
  • Nablawave Srl – Looking for partners in Research and Development and possibly for EU calls.
  • Northvolt AB – Looking for box build, components, wire harness, controllers, switches and routers, connectors.
  • Skotte AB – Looking for mechanical parts.
  • Stor Internacional LLC – Looking for new producers/suppliers on bearings.
  • Wallmek – Looking for machining for details made of metal


This year, the B2B-meetings will be held both virtual and on-site at the Elmia Subcontractor trade fair in Jönköping, Sweden, 9-12th November. Companies will connect, pre-book and arrange their meetings virtually. For companies present at the trade fair, it will be possible to meet face-to-face.

The participation fee is SEK 3000, + 25% VAT for Swedish companies.


Andreas Eriksson
Andreas Eriksson
Phone: +46 36 15 21 19