12 - 14 Nov 2024

Time for Swedish industry to grow with AM technology

Time for Swedish industry to grow with AM technology
Their mission is clear - for more industrial companies to discover the possibilities of additive manufacturing for serial production. Amexci specialises in 3D printing in metal and is meeting subcontractors for the first time at Elmia Subcontractor.

- I know that many people have associated us with our owner group, but by being here at Elmia Subcontractor we want to show that we are open for business with many more," says Edvin Resebo, CEO of Amexci AB.

Behind Amexci are eleven giants of Swedish industry, including ABB and Atlas Copco. The company was founded in 2017 on the initiative of Marcus Wallenberg to be a shared resource for development in AM. Today, its expertise in metal 3D printing reaches far beyond the group, with strong growth in the space, aerospace and defence, automotive and energy sectors.

- It's about complex products in complex materials and relatively low volume - and that's a perfect fit for what this technology is good at," says Edvin.

Materials lab, research and education
From its Karlskoga facility, Amexci has not only delivered 3D printed products in advanced materials. It also has its own materials lab for research and development - and offers a comprehensive training programme.

- In recent years, we have trained just over 2,000 engineers and that's just scratching the surface," says Edvin.

Although additive manufacturing as a technology has been around for a long time, most people still associate it with prototyping.

- That's where the technology comes from. But where AM technology is today, you see industrial machines that are much more productive, which can produce larger and more details while maintaining technology and quality," says Edvin.

Investing heavily to meet needs
This development is clearly reflected in Amexci's own growth curve. Next autumn, they will move into a new facility in Örebro and go from 900 sqm to 4,700 sqm, fully equipped with the latest industrial 3D printing technology available on the market.

- Our focus going forward is entirely on laser and powder beds for metallic materials. The move also provides opportunities to grow with our material lab and post-processing so that we can deliver products from start to finish," says Edvin Resebo.

It will also be able to expand production with machines capable of 600x600x600 print volume.

Looking to grow in serial production
- It feels very exciting, we can print larger details and it also allows us to print many smaller details on the same bed, which means shorter set-up times and a better cost picture for series production.

This is also the focus for Amexci going forward:

- We want to grow on the serial production side and it is great to see that Swedish industry wants to invest in additive manufacturing," says Edvin Resebo.

As a first-time exhibitor at Elmia Subcontractor, he is convinced that Amexci will come back.

- "There aren't many exhibitors here offering 3D printing, so we have a place to fill. We have had good conversations, interesting discussions and see that the fair is a good meeting place. Next year people will recognise us.