12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: XMReality – revolutionises knowledge transfer with Augmented Reality

XMReality develops and sells an Augmented Reality video solution that has revolutionised knowledge transfer. Through a video call with AR features, an expert can guide a person on the spot to solve problems or take preventative measures. XMReality is used globally in more than 60 countries. Saab, Danone, Sidel, Assa Abloy and Scania are some of the 120+ customers.

XMReality's solution makes it easier and more efficient for companies to share experiences, knowledge & solve problems - remotely. Smart features in the video call allow people to visually interact and collaborate with their colleagues, customers and suppliers. This results in faster execution, fewer manual processes and more efficient decision making. Plus, you avoid unnecessary travel, contributing to a more sustainable world. 

XMReality works on both desktop and mobile and is compatible with most market-leading smart glasses. The solution is quick and easy to get up and running and requires no installation.  

Here are some examples of how some of XMReality's customers are using their solution today:


Sidel is a leading provider of equipment and services for packaging solutions. With 40,000 machines spread across the globe, effective technical support is a key component of the Sidel Group. 

A packaging line can produce up to 86,000 bottles every hour, and just a few hours of downtime has a huge impact on production. In order to provide fast technical support in case of problems, Sidel uses XMReality.

With XMReality, customers can get immediate help from a Sidel technician. The technician uses a variety of tools in the call to diagnose the problem. With AR, the technician uses hand gestures, to visually show exactly how to perform certain actions on the machine. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, the situation is evaluated and a technician then goes out to the customer, having aleady been well-prepared.


When tough travel restrictions for Covid-19 were introduced, Norden Machinery faced a difficult decision. A major pharmaceutical customer needed to install a new tube-filling machine at its facility in Turkey, but the restrictions meant Norden Machinery's installer could not travel there. Norden had to carry out the installation remotely, the first in its history.

Using XMReality's tools, Norden managed to install the machine 100% remotely. The various features of XMReality's video solution were key factors in enabling the on-site team to complete the installation guided by Norden. Now, remote support isn't something futuristic anymore - it's part of their daily toolbox.


Electrolux Professional's own white label version of XMReality, Two Pairs of Eyes, is part of their daily customer service. The aim of the solution is to help customers more quickly when something goes wrong. Instead of having to go through the process of making a service call, making an appointment, waiting for a technician to be dispatched and travelling to the site, the customer can immediately connect with an expert to diagnose and resolve the issue.

XMReality's video solution helps their customers reduce downtime and increase productivity - in a sustainable way.

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