12 - 14 Nov 2024
For Exhibitors

Be a part of our program

Show off your business. Deliver the message about what makes your company unique. Make yourself visible to visitors during Elmia Subcontractor Connect.

Your company now has the opportunity to be part of the program during Elmia Subcontractor Connect. All that is required is for you to submit a completed film clip where you promote your business.

There is no requirement to produce a new film clip – simply use what you already have. It can be a company presentation, product launch, training film or a webinar. Anything that you think might capture our audience’s interest.

The films will be broadcast in the program during Elmia Subcontractor Connect 2020, from 10-13 November. In addition to its fixed broadcast time, the film will also be available on-demand during the four days of the event.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your film ideas and suggestions.


Prices are based on the length of the film clip.

1-15 minutes: 5,000 SEK.

15-60 minutes: 10,000 SEK

Film clips over 60 minutes will be subject to a separate quotation.

Bengt Johansson
Bengt Johansson
Phone: +46 36 15 22 71
Birgitta Lundgren
Birgitta Lundgren
Phone: +46 36 15 22 52
Johanna Bjurevik
Johanna Bjurevik
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