12 - 14 Nov 2024

Elmia Subcontractor

The leading arena for knowledge, innovation and the manufacturing industry of the future.

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Elmia Subcontractor is the heart of the industry, providing it with oxygen, energy and momentum for three effective days. It brings together thousands of like-minded people to share knowledge, create innovations and do business right on the hall floor. On site. With joy. And with tomorrow's solutions in focus.

Welcome to Elmia Subcontractor, 12-14 November 2024

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News from the fair
Meet the first ambassador of Elmia Subcontractor 2024 – Adigo Drives AB
11 Jun 2024
Elmia Subcontractor is proud to present Adigo Drives AB as the first ambassador for the fair of 2024. With their sustainable electric motor solutions, Adigo Drives has been working towards a greener future for almost three decades. They describe the key to their success in their close collaborati...
Elmia Subcontractor 2024 - Navigating change together
27 May 2024
Now it is barely six months until Northern Europe's leading subcontractor fair, Elmia Subcontractor, open up the gates on November 12-14. The theme for the 2024 fair is "Navigating change together", which echoes the contemporary need for cooperation and collaboration to find new ways forward.
Optimism and new ventures at Swede-Wheel
4 Apr 2024
Scandinavia's leading wheel manufacturer Swede-Wheel is investing heavily with extensions, new hires and market initiatives in Europe. They exhibit with a well-visited booth at Elmia Subcontractor 2023, where both customers and the skills of the future meet.
Outokumpu ranked among the top 50 companies in the world on Corporate Knight’s list of Clean200
6 Mar 2024
Outokumpu, the global leader in sustainable stainless steel and exhibitor at Elmia Subcontractor 2024, has been ranked among the top 50 companies in the world, on Corporate Knight's List of Clean Companies. They also reached the highest place in the stainless steel industry and the Finnish compan...
The key to sustainability according to Polykemi – rethinking material choices
20 Feb 2024
During Elmia Subcontractor, the polymer experts Polykemi highlighted the importance of rethinking and reconsidering. The climate footprint can be dramatically reduced with the right choice of the right material for the right product – a fact that challenges both industry and brand owners.
Bufab Sweden has its sights set on sustainability
6 Feb 2024
The two overall themes during Elmia Subcontractor 2023 were sustainability and competence. Something that suited Bufab Sweden very well with the contents of their stand. Hear Martin Älverdal, sales director, and Jonas Nyman, talent trainee, share their experience of the fair - and how Bufab Swede...
Innovative Aluminum Alloy to Enhance Heat Dissipation in ICT Heat Sink
14 Nov 2023
Confronted with a pivotal challenge from a client in the Electronics industry, Teamsworld embarked on a mission to enhance transmission performance and safeguard internal components from potential damage. Drawing upon its extensive capabilities, Teamsworld skillfully crafted and delivered a trans...
Admotion AB launching smart motors from Mini Motor
7 Nov 2023
Admotion AB in is since autumn 2023 new partner of Minimotor in Sweden. During Elmia Subcontractor 2023 we will launch Mini Motor latest BLDC smart motors.
Industrilas new Intelliclamp 3D Multifunctional Connector
30 Oct 2023
The newest edition to the Intelliclamp family - the 3D Multifunctional Connector is here!
Connecting Industrilas Mechatronic solutions
30 Oct 2023
We all know that a part of the future belongs to mechatronics - and we are not those to fall behind. Learn about two of our mechatronic solutions below and get connected with us!
Growing market demand for large size IoT bolts
30 Oct 2023
The decision to introduce the new sizes was driven by customer demand and new market partnerships soon to be announced. “Our customers, especially in industries such as railways and general production, have shown a growing interest in larger bolts, particularly M22-M27.
How we respect and live the environmental sustainability principles
15 Nov 2022
Environmental sustainability principles have always been the driving force of our development. We strive to work and live in a way that promotes sustainability and reduces our environmental footprint to a minimum. Today, we would like to present you with a few of our practices that make this poss...