Fire Box and eight-wheeled forwarder are the big hits at Vimek’s stand

Fire Box and eight-wheeled forwarder  are the big hits at Vimek’s stand
The Vimek stand at Elmia Wood is buzzing with life.
“The big attention grabber is our new eight-wheeled forwarder, the Vimek NG 870.1,” says Edvin Eklund.
“The cab environment for the operator has been a strong focus. The operator should sit well, see well and feel well. After all, that’s who will choose us again sometime in the future.”

The NG 870.1 is equipped with a newly developed control system that makes it possible to follow it online. The crane tip and the crane itself are automatically controlled by sensors in the crane.

“This solution is usually only found on larger machines. We are very pleased to be able to offer it on this model.”

Another technological innovation, DSS – Dual Steering System – contributes to the forwarder’s good accessibility.

“DSS means that the bogie and the waist swing and follow each other. This development is absolutely in line with what is essential for Vimek: being gentle with the forest. Plus it makes the machine super comfortable to operate.”

Finished concept for mopping-up fires

Who is the buyer?

“Anyone from the hands-on, larger-scale forest owner to the contractor who wants a flexible yet powerful machine.”

Standing displayed on a Vimek forwarder is another exciting new product, the Vimek Fire Box.

“It’s for mopping up fires. It’s designed for the forest owner who bears the ultimate responsibility for post-fire monitoring. There are other solutions today but they’re not as convenient as the Fire Box. This one is a total package, with an 800-litre tank, 25 metres of hose, nozzles, water pump, water can, shovel, rake and more,” says Johannes Nilsson.


“The Vimek Firebox is customised for our forwarders. It’s perfect for the forest owner who wants a total package for mopping up fires,” say Edvin Eklund and Johannes Nilsson of Vimek.

The Vimek NG 870.1 is a newly developed eight-wheeled forwarder. It is gentle and efficient, with an exciting system where the bogie and waist swing and follow each other.