Dipperfox – record-fast stump grinding

Dipperfox – record-fast stump grinding
For the first time the Dipperfox stump grinder is being shown in a real demo at a trade fair. There’s just one problem.
“It’s so fast and efficient that every demo is over in 20 seconds,” laughs Magnus Johnsson, Dipperfox’s representative in Sweden.

The powerful machine is multi-compatible with attachments for various types of machines.

“It can be used on your excavator, backhoe or harvester. It operates completely hydraulically without any tricky electronics and you simply mount it on the dipper arm,” Magnus explains.

The tool’s patented gearbox automatically adjusts speed and power depending on the resistance of the stump, soil or roots.

“It operates at a low rotation speed. This makes our stump grinder safe and also incredibly effective. No large safety zone is needed and the blades rotate so slowly that all the wood chips end up right at the grinding site. If there happens to be a stone in the ground, the blades are pushed aside. Yet another advantage of the rotation speed is that noise levels are low – so it’s perfect for use in urban environments,” Magnus says.

Cleaned and ready

Who is the intended customer?

“It’s a professional tool for excavators. I can imagine a contractor company that has a number of machines and wants to expand its business. Our grinder is ideal for removing stumps in residential gardens one day and the next day operating on a larger scale, up to two hectares a day, for example to prepare land for a forestry road.”

It’s about time for another demo in the stand at Elmia Wood. Magnus urges us to pay attention –because, as I said, it happens fast.

Quickly, and at the same time very methodically and almost silently, the machine grinds its way down through the stump and pushes all the residue into the ground.
“See, there’s no need for any more clean-up. The spot where the stump used to be now offers great conditions for replanting. We’re now using a blade set that produces slightly larger fractions of the stump, but there are a variety of them and if you choose a different blade set you’ll be left with just fine, fine chips.”

What are your expectations for Elmia Wood?
“First of all, we are so excited to finally showcase the Dipperfox stump grinder in a real demo. But we have a feeling that we’ll sell a couple of units as well. I hope so.”


Caption: Magnus Johnsson is the Dipperfox representative in Sweden and is noticing great interest from the fair visitors in the brand-new stump grinder.