General information


Registration fee

Invoiced when the order confirmation is sent out.
The terms of payment are 30 days net.

Stand hire and exhibitor insurance

Invoiced 90 days before the fair. Payment to be made no later than 60 days before the fair opens.

Other invoicing

100% of the value for stand interior according to order is due for payment 14 days before the first day of the fair. Additional orders and parts of the order that cannot be specified or invoiced in advance are invoiced after the fair's last day with payment terms 20 days net.


General Terms & Conditions Elmia AB

These General Terms & Conditions supplement the specific agreements signed with each exhibitor before each fair.

Download the General Terms & Conditions as a PDF

Value added tax (VAT)

VAT in trade with EU countries:
The service is considered sold and shall be taxed in the country in which the buyer is established and operates if the buyer is a business entity. A business entity is a legal entity registered for VAT. This means that Elmia will not add VAT on its invoice and the buyer will be taxed in its native country. For Elmia to be able to exclude VAT from its invoice, the buyer must provide a valid VAT number.

If the buyer is unable to provide a valid VAT number, the sales country shall be considered to be Sweden and Swedish VAT shall apply.

VAT in trade with non-EU countries:
If the buyer is established and has its operation in a non-EU country, no VAT is payable and the buyer shall not be taxed within the EU.

Exhibitor Insurance

As a trade fair organiser we know that insurance is important. Elmia’s Exhibitor Insurance gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on your sales activities.

You should have received information about Elmia’s Exhibitor Insurance along with your order confirmation.

Further information about the insurance and complete terms and conditions are provided below. They are available to download as PDF files.

The insurance applies provided that payment has been made by the due date.

Complete insurance terms and conditions

Information about the insurance


Technical regulations

Elmia Congress Center & Concert Hall

To help you make the most of the opportunities offered by the fair, we can assist you in organising your own conferences during or after the fair’s opening hours.

The venue has everything you need for all manner of effective meetings – from large conferences to small business meetings. We can help you with all the necessary arrangements to make your event a success: hotel and travel bookings, field visits, evening meals, entertainment and technical equipment.

Elmia Congress & Concert Hall arranges many conferences, congresses, launches, events and banquets every year. Our spacious modern facilities offer extensive opportunities for effective concept solutions.

The Congress Hall can accommodate a total of about 2,000 people in several different areas. Why not take the opportunity to hire a conference room in connection with a fair and hold a conference with your sales team or VIP customers one evening? You are welcome to contact us for assistance.

Christina Frisk
Christina Frisk
Phone: +46 36 15 21 38

Elmia’s Environmental Waste Management Programme

Elmia has established an environmental programme for streamlined, economical waste management. The aims of the programme are as follows:

  • Waste management must be characterised by restraint. Waste volumes must be minimised and waste sorted to ensure that as little as possible is incinerated or goes to landfill.
  • Elmia must provide and put in place skips, receptacles, areas and equipment to simplify waste management, and ensure that skips, receptacles, etc. are clearly marked. Personnel, partners and contractors must be kept informed of Elmia’s intentions.
  • Customers will be charged for large amounts of landfill and hazardous waste.

Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for our exhibitors and visitors to deal with their waste. We will set up recycling depots at the points where waste tends to be produced. Please help us to minimise the environmental impact of waste by separating it properly. NB! We can only accept waste produced in connection with activities at Elmia.


Our sorting categories:


All combustible waste that cannot be sorted into the following categories:


Ceramic, china, concrete, windowpanes etc.

Hazardous waste

Electrical/electronic waste
Light bulbs, low-energy bulbs, fluorescent strips
Paint, solvent waste
Pressure-treated wood

Glass packaging

Coloured and clear glass

Hard plastic packaging

Clean containers and bottles


Food waste from catering and similar activities


Metal packaging and scrap metal

Soft plastic

Plastic wrapping, cling film


Brochures, newspapers, magazines, etc.


  • Clean wood waste
  • Painted wood


Cardboard and cartonboard packaging

Please bear in mind!

Hazardous waste must not be separated incorrectly under any circumstances! Please ask us if you are in any doubt. Small quantities of leftover paint, aerosol cans, electrical and electronic waste may be disposed of in mobile recycling depots. 

Driving vehicles in halls

Clean air leads to a better work environment. At Elmia we strive to minimise emissions of exhaust gases from vehicles in order to create a better working climate for everyone – staff, exhibitors and visitors alike.

It is important to have good air quality in the halls. By jointly respecting the times and limits specified for the use of vehicles, we can maintain a good work environment for everyone.

Please register early ( and plan your vehicle entry requirements, for example trailers, lorries, carts and machinery. If machinery cannot be brought in using an electric forklift truck, a catalytic converter must be used. If a vehicle is idling, such as during loading/unloading and hoisting of goods and materials, extraction fans must be used.

Please also remember to switch vehicles off when waiting in line. Trailers should be manoeuvred in manually or pulled by electric forklift truck. Please use Elmia’s Transport Service – we’re here to help you!

Questions regarding moving-in and moving-out times, sent to Elmia AB Production service, Box 6066, SE-550 06 JÖNKÖPING, or mail to

The Swedish Work Environment Act (Arbetsmiljölagen) Chapter 3 Section 8 stipulates that machines, implements and other technical devices must afford adequate security against ill health and accidents when they are delivered to be used. The regulations also apply to machines that are exhibited for advertising or sale.

If the safety requirements are not met, the technical device may still be shown at trade fairs and exhibitions if it is clearly indicated that the requirements are not satisfied and that the device may not be placed on the market or delivered to be used until it meets the requirements. If the device is set in operation at the fair, adequate safety precautions must be taken to prevent accidents.

Machine demonstrations

The regulations governing use apply as much to machine demonstrations at exhibitions and trade fairs as they do to other use.

It is therefore important that:

  • the applicable regulations governing use are followed
  • no one who does not have the knowledge, operating experience and age specified in the regulations is permitted to operate the machine
  • sufficient barriers are put up around the demonstration area
  • machines that are operating or positioned in a way that can involve risk for accidents must not be left unattended.

For more information contact:
The Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket), Publications Service (Brochure ADI 264)
Tel +46 8 730 97 00. Fax +46 8 735 85 55. E-mail

Regulations for serving alcoholic beverages at Elmia

Elmia’s restaurateur FC Gruppen holds the license to serve wine, beer and spirits on the premises including restaurants, exhibition halls and meeting facilities. This means that you as an exhibitor must contact FC Gruppen if you wish to serve alcoholic beverages in your booth.

FC Gruppen will deliver ordered beverages straight to your stand based on the current price list. According to the Swedish Alcohol Act all serving of alcoholic beverages must be handled by catering staff.

FC Gruppen will arrange for rental of catering staff. It is not allowed to bring your own alcohol or serving staff.

Alcohol may be served at the earliest, from 11.00 am.

Adam Svensson
0708-30 54 10

A meeting place for everyone - that's accessibility for us. Everyone should always feel welcome and be able to participate everywhere without hindrance

Elevators, thresholds, stairs, booths, conference rooms, restaurants, toilets - we continuously review and make adjustments to our premises and entrances.

Guide dogs are allowed in all of Elmia's premises and escorts to visitors with disabilities have free entry to our fairs and other events.

Parking for the disabled

There are reserved parking spaces for those with a parking permit for the disabled.