New saw models for both petrol and electric operation as Husqvarna gives visitors the chance to test them in person

New saw models for both petrol and electric operation as Husqvarna gives visitors the chance to test them in person
“We’ve been looking forward to Elmia Wood. We can finally get out and meet our users again,” says Lasse Strandell, instructor and product specialist at Husqvarna. “We’ve brought ‘everything’ in our forestry range to our stand. From chainsaws powered by both petrol and electricity to brushcutters and safety equipment. New this year is that we’re also giving visitors the opportunity to try out our saws in a section of the stand.”

Like many other companies, Husqvarna is experiencing some delays due to the world situation.

“This means that some models that are very close to launch will actually have to wait a little longer,” Lasse says.

But there is still no shortage of innovations and technology goodies for anyone who fancies efficient chainsaws and brushcutters.

“We’re continuing to develop our petrol saws. For example, we have the 592 professional model. It replaces several of our 85 to 92 cc engines with modern engine technology that meets the new emulsion requirements.”

The 592 also has many smart features:

“AutoTune 3.0 ensures that the saw starts and operates optimally in all conditions. The powerful X-Torq engine combined with the X-Cut chain provides market-leading cutting capacity and the best weight-to-power ratio in the 90cc segment. The handle- and carburettor heaters give both operator comfort and ease of starting in cold and damp environments.”

More battery-powered models

“Alongside the petrol saws, we are also developing the battery versions. We want to be the market leader in battery-powered products. But we mustn’t stop developing petrol engines, so that they become as efficient and environmentally sound as possible. Both development tracks are important.”

What is demand like for battery models versus petrol ones?

“So far the main determinant is the usage pattern. With the petrol version, you take the can with you and refill it when it runs out. With the battery version, you need to be able to plan the recharge, if you don’t want to buy a number of batteries and carry them with you. But clearly the battery share is increasing all the time.”


Göran Mattson from Billeberga was lucky and won a cap at Husqvarna’s stand: “Otherwise I’m here trying to find a forestry vehicle. Somewhere between an ATV and a forwarder,” he says.


Just try them out! Put on your protective gear, which you can borrow on site, and then test your way through Husqvarna’s models.