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Elmia Wood is the meeting place for the whole world’s forest industry. In the Swedish woods south of Jönköping, forest owners, contractors and forestry administrators meet from around the world to explore the hottest trends and latest innovations.

Basic concept

The basic concept behind Elmia’s forestry fairs is that machines, tools and technological innovations for modern forestry should be exhibited in their right environment. Elmia Wood is therefore held completely in the forest, where you can see and test forestry machines, tools and innovative technologies in their natural environment.

This is an active fair with demonstrations that reflect the forestry techniques normally practised in Scandinavia. And because Sweden is a world leader in several areas in the forest industry, the forestry world market looks to Sweden.

When Elmia Wood temporarily constructs a complete trade fair venue out in the woods, accessibility, quality and safety are important guiding principles in our work to create the forest industry’s most exciting marketplace.

Everything for forestry is here – the relevant in the world

Elmia Wood is the fair for the entire forest industry – for all generations. It’s the fair with a holistic view on forestry – but without losing sight of the details. Seeing both the forest and the trees, you might say.

Concepts are developed, contacts created and business deals made. At the same time, Elmia Wood is a world-class industry get-together, with exciting competitions and attractive awards. Here potential customers and suppliers from the whole world are just a handshake away.

The fair features both large and small machines. Harvesters, forwarders and skidders work away at full power. Small-scale sawmills, log splitters, site preparation equipment, GPS gadgets, drones and logging trucks are in full operation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a forest contractor, owner, administrator or transporter – you are sure to find what’s most relevant for you here.

Visitors and exhibitors

With over 500 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors, Elmia Wood is a forestry fair for the whole world. Its “little sister”, SkogsElmia, is the largest such fair within the Nordic region and is also among the world’s five largest forestry fairs. SkogsElmia has 30,000 visitors and about 300 exhibitors.

At Elmia Wood, exhibitors offer machines, tools and methods for a modern and efficient forest industry. Advisers and experts also show how forest owners and managers can efficiently improve their profitability.

The largest proportion of visitors are forest contractors, forest owners, forest administrators or forest transport companies.

In addition, the entire international forestry trade press is present.


Elmia has been organising forestry fairs since 1977. From the beginning until the end of the 1980s, all the fairs were called Elmia Wood. The fairs had an international focus and were held every second year. After the 1989 Elmia Wood, the international forestry fair was given a four-year interval. At the same time, a smaller Scandinavian fair was launched for the in-between years, SkogsElmia, so that the Swedish public still had the opportunity to attend a forestry fair every second year. Today SkogsElmia has developed into a fair with mainly small-scale technology.


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