Hanging in Lobby North

Art.no. 11629 (right side)
Art.no. 11628 (left side)


Number 4 on the general map.

In Lobby North you have an opportunity to be seen on a large scale, a full 2.5 x 3 metres! The ideal place for anyone wanting to display a large hanging banner on the wall. It’s up to you whether you wish to be seen on just one or both spaces.

  No. of ad spaces Dimensions
Hanging banners  2  2 500 x 3 000 mm


Technical information

Size: 2 500 x 3 000 mm
Format: Print-ready PDF, without register marks, frame or bleed. Fonts in paths. With as little compression as possible and with simplified transparency. Specify colours in CMYK or PMS. Artwork must be in scale 1:1.
Material deadline: No later than two weeks before the fair opens you upload your advertising material via My Pages. When logged in, go to "Submit material for print". Your material must be titled with the name, space and measurements of your advertisement space (for example “Steps_HallBtoA_4990x150mm). For further information, please contact your salesperson at Elmia.

All prices refer to material that is ready for publication/print. There is an additional cost for unfinished material. If you are unable to produce material ready for publication/print yourself, Elmia can help.