Elmia Classics - the forest machine e-museum

In front of you is what could be called an e-Museum. It contains a searchable database with brochures, service manuals and other documentation for forest machines dating back to 1955. This cultural treasure of the forest industry is now accessible thanks to an arrangement between collector Jimmi Svensson and Elmia.

You can search by make/model and/or year of manufacture. You can also select a machinery category. Select brochures by clicking on a blue-coloured name in the list which comes up. Enjoy your voyage through the history of forest machines!

How to contribute to the collection

As you can see for yourself, this collection of older forest machines is far from complete. We've selected those machines which in our opinion are the most interesting. Do you want to suggest other machines, or do you have brochures and other similar material which other people should be able to see? If so, contact Jimmi Svensson, who has scanned in and collected the material for this database, at: kockums850@yahoo.se. Postal address: Äppelvägen 21B, SE-333 33 Smålandsstenar, Sweden.


Jimmi Svensson's collection contains more than 4,000 brochures and service manuals of forest machines. This is an important part of forest history, but the material is also protected by copyright. It is impossible to trace all the copyright holders: some advertising agencies have closed down and some photographers are no longer alive. If your material is among those we have published, please contact Elmia on wood@elmia.se or call us on 046 36 15 20 00.