The Golden Logger

The Golden Logger is an award that goes to the forest contractor who has succeeded in distinguishing himself in the industry in an extra positive way as a role model and inspirer.

Winner of The Golden Logger 2019

Långåkra Maskinstation AB, Seglora

The award was presented at SkogsElmia on June 6 - 8, 2019.

Långåkra Maskinstation, which the jury unanimously chose as the winner, has been in the industry ever since the more extensive mechanization steps were taken.

Step by step, a successful company is being built up and the company is active both in the forestry and the construction industry, which can be seen as a risk spread. In the forest there are seven machine systems for thinning and final logging as well as a ground handler. In the construction business there are mobile cranes and wheel loaders.

Behind this success lies a lot of common sense and wisdom with clear investment and personnel policy.

The company handles the sale of exchange machines and buys new ones at well-chosen times for the best possible economy in the machine shops.

Personnel policy is characterized by a great deal of individual responsibility, a great exchange of information and a large community at leisure.

A rather unique phenomenon for the industry is that the business is conducted in single shifts, which among other things facilitates recruitment and increases job satisfaction.

The management philosophy, wisdom and reason, has created an economically very strong company where the solvency, profitability and liquidity far exceed the average in the industry.

In the not too long future, a generational shift will occur when the son in the family is expected to take over.

Features considered by the jury to win The Golden Logger include leadership, customer satisfaction, machine strategies and how attractive the company is as an employer. It must be someone who can successfully both make money and be responsive to customer needs. Being named Golden Logger is a recognition that shows that you run a well-run business.

The competition "The Golden Logger" is organized by Skogforsk, the Swedish forestry research institute, together with Elmia.
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