The Gold Ax

The theme for the 2019 Gold Ax is diversity. The prize goes to a forest owner with multicultural use. The one who can win is a forest owner with a variety of uses. You not only earn income by selling pulpwood and timber, but also make money by using other values in the forest. Maybe you have a tourist business or process your own wood?

Winner of the Gold Ax 2019

The winner was announced during SkogsElmia 6-8 June 2019.

Kristina Lindelöf, forest owner from Vimmerby in Småland, received the Gold Ax at SkogsElmia in 2019.

Motivation of the jury:

Kristina Lindelöf and her daughters welcome thousands of visitors every year to Ingebo gardens with red-painted houses, courtyards, hiking trails, farms and even almost untouched forest.

Kristina Lindelöf is a dedicated forest owner who, with an active forestry base, developed her business with income from more than pulpwood and timber. On the farm she rents out accommodation, there is a summer open café and a farm shop. Kristina is passionate about showing visitors everything you can do with the forest and everything there is. She is a multi-user who is well worth the Gold ax in 2019.


Magnus Kindbom, LRF Forest owners, Mattias Pontén, Elmia, Marie Henningsson, Land Forestry.

It is Land Skogsbruk, LRF Skogsägarna and Elmia who select the winner and the award was presented at SkogsElmia in June.
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