About the fair

SkogsElmia is the forestry fair with a focus on forest ownership. The meeting place where you find products and services for the whole chain from seed to timber measurement.

For a few intensive and entertaining days you can try out new products, research your investment decisions and meet interesting contacts. SkogsElmia is of course being held outdoors – in the woods of Bratteborg, 30 km south of Jönköping. Here are some of the contents of  the fair 2019.

Small-scale forest machines 

A number of manufacturers of small-scale forest machines have new products in the pipeline. Kranman is bringing a harvester designed for forest owners. The range of excellent machines available to forest owners or niche contractors has never been greater. Technology that previously only existed on professional forest machines is now also appearing on forest tractors and trailers.


The chainsaw section also offers new products with a lot of bite. Stihl has a new chainsaw with electronic fuel injection and Stihl Timbersports will be giving demonstrations. Husqvarna has two new 50 cc chainsaws with a new design and construction. This year marks 60 years since the launch of the company’s very first chainsaw. Husqvarna also has a still-secret launch planned for the fair. 

Fight the spruce bark beetle with the right equipment 

Spruce bark beetles thrived due to the heat and drought-stressed trees of Sweden’s record summer last year. The Swedish Forest Agency has designated large parts of southern Sweden as a spruce bark beetle control area. It’s now high time to ensure that you have good equipment to deal with windfall, drought-stressed trees and other bark beetle larval habitats.

Forest fire fighting

The hot, dry summer also caused forest fires to an extent we’ve never seen before in modern times. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the emergency services will be at SkogsElmia to demonstrate countermeasures such as forest fire depots and high-capacity pumps.

Small-scale sawmills 

A wide range of small-scale sawmills and other wood processing equipment and concepts will be at the fair to inspire visitors who are keen to do the work themselves.

Digitalisation and automation

Digitalisation is increasingly widespread in the forest industry and a number of new services and possibilities will be demonstrated. Never before has it been so quick and easy to gather, interpret and use forest data.

Advances in timber measurement have been rapid and include photo interpretation, telemetry and automation. On 1 August a new quality assessment system for pulpwood will be introduced. Come and see the latest technology and get up to date on the regulations!

Drones, drones, drones 

In the Drone Zone you can discover what forest information drones can provide using cameras and sensors. You can also buy your own drone. Elmia uses drone images of the fairgrounds in its work, and there are also new ways to get additional information about the forest and the individual trees from the images. We have data such as the height and location of all 47,000 trees within the fairgrounds.


Sweden is a world leader in bioenergy. SkogsElmia will present a wide array of chippers and other equipment that enable the efficient exploitation of wood fuel. Top-quality equipment for firewood handling and boilers will of course also be exhibited.

Swedish Forwarder Championships 

The Swedish Association of Forestry Contractors will be holding the Swedish Forwarder Championships. Come and watch the country’s most skilled operators.

Forestry veterans

Swedish forestry veterans will exhibit and operate old forest machines plus other equipment that was used in the forest industry. 

Learn more – mini-presentations

At the press centre we will have an Event Tent with many different short presentations about interesting products and forestry topics. They will include a presentation by LRF Konsult on the theme of forest ownership of the future. A more detailed programme will be published later.