About the fair

Elmia Agriculture is the business arena that creates the conditions for a strong Swedish agricultural industry. A sustainable and profitable industry with growth. An industry with room for both a great love of farming and a curiosity about innovative ways forward in a competitive world.

How can we adapt agriculture's production methods to reduce the impact on the climate? How can Sweden create better crisis preparedness in warmer climates and increased or decreased rainfall? What opportunities exist with longer growing season?

At the 2020 fair, we highlight the climate issue from several aspects in order to showcase solutions that exist today, but above all to find development opportunities for the various parts of the industry. How can the farmer become a solution in the climate debate rather than a climate bar? How can the farmer adjust his business, make money using new climate-smart technology and develop his business?

At Elmia Agriculture products and ideas meet the market, joint ventures begin and new expertise gains firm footing on the journey towards a sustainable farming industry.