14 - 17 May 2024
For Exhibitors


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Restaurang Black&White

Lobby South

In restaurant Black and White we serve a different meat dish every day of the fair- as well as a vegetarian alternative. Both dishes are served with roasted potatoes and a generous sallad buffet which includes bread freshly baked in our own bakery. Pass by and also enjoy a coffee with some of our homebaked cookies.

There are separate queues for visitors and exhibitors.

Restaurang Vättern

Lobby South

In restaurant Vättern there is something for everybody. You can choose between three different luches. There is always a choice between meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. All food is sourced locally and inspired by local recpies.  Bread, sallad and of course fairtrade coffee is included.


Fancy something sweet or a lighter lunch choice? This cafe is a great choice to visit. Here we offer selected favourites from our bakery, wraps or light sallads- or why not enjoy a glass of wine or a beer to take a break from the fair.

Café Grab’N Go

Entrance South

If there is a must visit for the fair it is the classic sausage stand. Choose between local grilled, poached or vegan sausages with all of the extras you could wish for. For a something little more Swedish then choose the shrimp topping and the classic Swedish chocolate milk.


Lobby South

You will find the kiosk next to restaurant Vättern. Here you will find everything from chocolate and sweets to cookies and cakes. There is also a selection of local produce to buy as a present or treat for yourself.

Club Elmia

Between Hall B & D

Come to Club Elmia hungry! Here you can order a juicy smashed burger with freshly cooked fries. If you fancy just a little more then finish with a doughnut.

Restaurang Småland

Lobby North

You will find Restaurant Småland right next to the bakery. We serve a choice of three local recpies - a meat, fish or vegatarian choice.


Lobby North

There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked pizza. Here you can see our bakers in action freshly cooking your pizza. There is also a selection of cookies and cakes that are baked just behind the display.

FC Gruppen
FC Gruppen
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