Visitor Registration - Leads

A smarter route to more business.

With Leads handling in the Elmia Plus app, you just scan visitors’ name badges (QR code) and immediately get complete customer information. The app also lets you add your own notes to complement the visitor information. You no longer have to bother keeping track of business cards and remember which visitor is interested in what. The customer information is also saved in My pages and there you can see all your leads and easily export it to Excel.

Use the Elmia Plus to:

  • Reduce your administration
  • Focus on your customer meetings
  • Follow up your business contacts immediately

Read user terms and conditions for the Elmia Plus app.

Costs and activation of scanning of leads

To activate scanning of Leads in your telephone for the current fair, you must accept the Elmia's terms and conditions.

The starting fee is 1.495 SEK plus VAT and includes 5 users. Each additional activated user cost 195 SEK plus VAT.

You will register as a user by scanning your exhibitor badge (NOTE, you must be registered as a stand staff for it to work, not stand builder). Your company will be invoiced 1.495 SEK plus VAT after the fair is closed. If your company activates more than 5 users, additional costs will be added to your invoice.

Download Elmia Plus:

NOTE, the app does not support OxygenOS running on OnePlus.
NOTE, always make sure you have the latest version of the app.

If you have problems with the iOS app, you will find a guide here.

If you have problems with the Android app, you will find a guide here.

The start fee to activate the Leads handling tool in Elmia Plus is SEK 1,495 (excluding VAT) and includes five users. You can easily add more at a cost of SEK 195 (excluding VAT) per user.