User terms and conditions

The exhibitor at the fair in question use its personal name badge to login and active Leads handling in the app. 

The name badge is a valuable official document which gives its holder the personal right to represent the exhibiting company named on the badge. With it the holder can place additional orders and alter the exhibiting company's information, which affects how the company is presented in both the digital and printed versions of the fair catalogue.

By chosing "Activate Leads" in he app the exhibitor accept Elmia's conditions and confirm use of personal name badge to activate Leads handling for the current fair.

Elmia guide needs to access the phone's camera and "Notifications" in order to function optimally. We handle user data safe by using modern cryptography over the " HTTPS " .

Elmia saves all activities and IP numbers in the app to collect statistics and user data, to  trace misuse of the service and to enable us to offer better services in future.

If the app-data i erased or the app is deleted there is a risk that the information that is stored in your phone disappears.

The fair is available for 1 month in the app after the fair. Then you have no access to the lead data in the app.