14 - 17 May 2024
For Exhibitors

Moving-in and moving-out times

Moving in

Date / Time

For questions, please contact
the Information Desk

24-05-10 - 24-05-12 / 08.00-22.00 Service staffing 08.00-16.00
24-05-13 / 08.00-20.00 Service staffing 08.00-20.00

The stands must be ready latest May 13 at 20.00. The North Entrance may not be used for loading/unloading.

Moving out

Date / Time

For questions, please contact the Information Desk

24-05-17 / 16.00-22.00   Service staffing 16.00-20.00
24-05-18 / 08.00-22.00 Service staffing 08.00-16.00
24-05-19 / 08.00-16.00 Service staffing 08.00-16.00

NB! Gates for moving out open at 16.00. This applies both for indoor and outdoor exhibitors. The North Entrance may not be used for loading/unloading

Moving in and moving out

  • As the exhibitor/stand builder you are responsible for ensuring workplace health and safety and fire safety within your stand area. This means you must take the necessary steps to protect yourself and the other stand builders/exhibitors from the risk of accidents.
  • The official times for moving in and moving out are stated in the Exhibitor Guide for each event (see Elmia’s home page).
  • Extended construction and demolition times may be granted by Elmia AB. There will be fixed rate charge for this per stand. Send an application to ProductionService@elmia.se The form "Application to change construction time" must be used .
  • On the last move-in evening, work at your stand may continue until 20:00. After that time the hall must be empty (unless other instructions are given).
  • You may begin taking down your stand immediately the event closes to visitors.
  • You may not move out until after the aisle carpets are removed (approx. 1 hour after the event finishes).