KERN and ZECHA – together at ELMIA Machine Tools 2022 in hall B booth 04.72

KERN and ZECHA – together at  ELMIA Machine Tools 2022 in hall B booth 04.72
Extraordinary Proof of Precision. In May 2022, experts from various production technologies will meet at ELMIA Machine Tools in Jönköping, Sweden.

The machine manufacturer Kern Microtechnik GmbH and the tool manufacturer ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH explain on booth 04.72 / Hall B, what precision means today. One example is a hair labeled with a milling cutter. Highest precision and Kern are often mentioned in the same breath. If a tool manufacturer like ZECHA is added, who has been a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of micro-cutting tools for almost 60 years, the µm-accurate results can only be examined under a high-resolution microscope or the µ-View tool inspector.

At the ELMIA Machine Tools in Sweden, visitors get exactly this opportunity. Because in addition to a five-axis machining center from the Micro series and various precision tools, the two companies are also exhibiting a hair that was marked in advance with a double-edged cutter from ZECHA on a Kern Micro HD.

Kern’s Application Engineer Marvin Gröb explains: „Of course, labelling a hair is a great gimmick and not our future business. But it shows where we are today when it comes to high precision. If high precision is what customers need, we can provide solutions – no matter what.”

For the hair labelling, Gröb and his team decided on the high-end solution of the Micro series – the Kern Micro HD. With linear direct drives, micro-gap hydrostatics and innovative temperature management, this machine achieves seamless precision of less than 1 µm and surface qualities in the single-digit nanometer range. As important as the machine are the tools. Zecha developed double-edged, solid carbide end mills for this application. With a diameter of only 10 µm, they are extremely slender and precise. In combination, the machine and the tool achieve the incredible writing width of 10.73 µm with a spindle speed of up to 50,000 rpm and a tooth feed of 1 µm. In case of doubt, please visit the joint booth of Kern and ZECHA in Hall B / Stand 04.72

Irma Gschmeissner