Product in the entrance door, Lobby North 12924


Number 37 on the general map.

Your product can be the first one that visitors see at the fair! And you can show it to them even before they step through the door. Place your choice of product on the four display areas that are inside the entrance doors and attract more visitors and business deals to your stand.

  No of ad spaces Dimensions
Display area 4 1 350 x 900 x ca 1 620 mm


Technical information

Size: The display area is triangular with dimensions of 1350 x 900 x about 1620 mm (rounded side).
Format: You can place your choice of product in the entrance door. In total there are four advertising places in the doors of the North Entrance.
Material deadline: Place the product / material in your reserved display area during the last day of moving in. Contact our information desk and they will assist you. For further information, please contact your salesperson at Elmia.

All prices refer to material that is ready for publication/print. There is an additional cost for unfinished material. If you are unable to produce material ready for publication/print yourself, Elmia can help.