About the fair

The Water and Wastewater Fair has been the water industry's most important meeting-place for many years, and has a long history with a wide range of exhibitors and activities. The Water and Wastewater Fair was held for the first time in 1997, and since then there have been six further fairs, making it a well-established meeting-place and marketplace for the industry. 

Visitor surveys show that the majority of fair visitors consider only this fair to be 'their' fair, and the most important trade show of all. The range of exhibitors and activities from the industry is more or less complete, and the fair is consistently awarded high marks by exhibitors and visitors alike.

This is where users meet: the municipal water and wastewater sector, and industry with producers of equipment and services in areas including water treatment, distribution, IT, measurement, control and regulation technology, operation, maintenance, research, consultation and many other areas.
As before, the Water and Wastewater Fair is being organised in close collaboration with the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association Föreningen Vatten (a Swedish association focusing on knowledge of water and water conservation) and VARIM (a Swedish trade organisation for water purification).