Riding club won the bidding on Vida’s house at the fair

Riding club won the bidding on Vida’s house at the fair
Vida built part of a house at SkogsElmia to show forest owners what happens with their trees.

The house, with a floor, roof and three walls, was won at auction by a riding club based outside the west-coast city of Halmstad.

“We took the house to the fair in sections and can dismantle it again,” says Tomas Henricson of Vida.

Vida is a fast-growing company that buys its raw material from private forest owners. In such a business relationship, it’s important for several reasons that as much of the material as possible is used. One of the company’s operations is Vida Building, which constructs houses, among other things. The house at the fair enabled forest owners to see what their trees are being transformed into.

“This table is a cable drum made by us,” Henricson says, and mentions stable bedding as yet another example of how Vida is producing more from the forest than other companies.

The house from the fair will now be rebuilt and its buyer is a riding club that gains almost a complete house. What is missing is the fourth outside wall.