New combi from Vimek opens the door to more jobs

New combi from Vimek opens the door to more jobs
“Without this machine, a number of forest owners wouldn’t let us onto their property, especially when the ground is wet.”

So says Christer Wiström, a forest contractor in the town of Katrineholm.

He was a test operator for the new combi machine from Vimek, the 404 DUO, which had its world’s premiere at SkogsElmia.

Basically, it is Vimek’s proven harvester, the 404 SE, which has been equipped with a power take-off and a powered forwarder trailer. The concept is that the trailer is first parked and then the machine begins by functioning as an ordinary harvester. Then the trailer is attached and the harvester head is replaced with a grapple.

“The changeover takes 15 minutes without hurrying,” Wiström says.

While the machine was being developed, he expressed many opinions about it and is very satisfied with the end result. It is a small and professional forest machine that opens the door to more jobs.

“We also have bigger harvesters and forwarders but more and more forest owners want us to use smaller and lighter machines, especially when the ground is wet,” he explains.

Vimek demonstrated the new duo and its other machines by thinning trees adjacent to its stand. During the three days of the fair, many forest owners confirmed that the results of the smaller machines were neat and tidy.

“We’ve sold the entire planned production of the 404 DUO in 2019,” says Stefan Asp of Vimek.