Podium in the concourse

Art.no. 12711


Number 35 on the general map.

Visitors stream to and from Hall A and Hall B through the Concourse. By placing your choice of product on one of our display podiums you will repeatedly be the focus of attention among the passers-by and make them curious about your particular product. 

  No of ad spaces Dimensions
Podium 4 500 x 500 x 600 mm


Technical information

Size: 500 x 500 x 600 mm with a Plexiglas cover (500 mm) on top; total height 1,100 mm.
Format: You can place your choice of product, magazine or other information material on the podium. The item’s maximum width is 0,5 metre because it must not stick out too far from the edge of the podium. Elmia is not responsible for the displayed products.

Material deadline: Place the product / material in your podium during the last day of moving in. For more information, contact your salesperson at Elmia.

All prices refer to material that is ready for publication/print. There is an additional cost for unfinished material. If you are unable to produce material ready for publication/print yourself, Elmia can help.