Following the success of holding four parallel fairs in spring 2016, the concept is expanding. In May 2018 the plastic industry’s Elmia Polymer will be added as a strong complement.

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The Linea series from TENTE can be designed to meet customer needs.

A company logo is no problem. Or a symbol for the department where the cart, table or bed belongs. At Elmia Subcontractor TENTE presents the endless possibilities that its Linea series offers the customer.

“Our solution with patterns on the castors is unique,” explains Linus Snis, who works with marketing at TENTE Skandinavien.

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Lead speaker at Elmia Subcontractor’s conference, Patrick Carey of Stratasys.

It’s not the 3D printer itself but rather a knowledge and understanding of its possibilities that can make a company successful. That was the message of this year’s lead speaker at Elmia Subcontractor’s conference on additive manufacturing, Patrick Carey of Stratasys.

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Elmia Polymer has once again confirmed its position as Scandinavia’s largest trade fair focusing exclusively on the plastics and rubber industry.The fair brings together the entire sector and is an important arena for both making contacts and developing collaborations, with many deals being agreed directly on the exhibition floor. 

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New natural materials, climate-smart packaging and a carbon fibre car that runs on solar energy. Elmia Polymer, Scandinavia’s biggest dedicated fair for the plastics and rubber industry, presents all the latest innovations and trends. Inspiration and innovation join forces to create new opportunities and business deals.

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Elmia Subcontractor

Elmia Subcontractor 2014 was characterised by a positive atmosphere all round plus masses of productive meetings. Many significant deals were made at the fair, including many between the exhibitors themselves.
“The fact that business meetings are held throughout the entire supply chain gives the fair a very special dynamism,” says the fair’s project manager Karla Eklund.

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Elmia Subcontractor
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions demonstrates the Turcon Roto L seal in the company’s stand at Elmia Subcontractor. Morgan Karlsson and Anne-Marie Ringqvist show how the seal works compared with a conventional seal.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is presenting its unique Turcon Roto L seal during Elmia Subcontractor.
“What’s so good about the Turcon Roto L is that the sealing lips are only activated when the system needs pressure,” explains Morgan Karlsson, a sales representative at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

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Signcom was one of the companies that participated in Polymerdagene to showcase their products. Photo: Asle Isaksen

To strengthen its competitiveness, the Norwegian plastics industry has focused increasingly on automation in recent years. This was the clear message during Polymer Days 2014 in Oslo.
"The focus on automation and high-tech solutions has never been greater," says Asle Isaksen, organiser of the Polymer Days event.

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Many advantages in automating plastic
Torbjörn Egerhag, Jonas Ewing and Anders Granstrand took part in the seminar Quality is Spelled Plastic organised by Elmia Polymer during Elmia Automation.

Plastic is cheap to automate and the result is high quality. Elmia Polymer’s seminar Quality is Spelled Plastic offered many new approaches, above all for small and medium-size companies (SMEs).

“A lot of it’s about what you want yourself,” explained Jonas Ewing, CEO of Rosti GP in Gislaved, Sweden. “Many small companies focus too little on earning money, so they don’t speed up their production development either.”

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Karla Eklund:
Elmia Polymer

Polymers are the materials of the future, with tremendous potential. And the industry is proactive. These are established facts as Elmia Polymer closes its doors for 2012.

“I’ve had some very positive feedback, partly regarding the highly qualified visitors. This is the second time we’ve held the fair, and we have now laid a firm foundation for the future,” says Karla Eklund, Project Manager for the fair.  

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There’s something of a creative chaos during the fair! Aspiring masters of engineering from Linköping University, LiU, are here to develop new product ideas – and they have the exhibitors to help them. It is all set up as a competition, but the basic idea is to bring students and companies together.

“This is really important,” says Kerstin Johansen of LiU.

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By replacing metal with plastic, the cars of the future can be made far lighter and thereby more energy efficient. How about fully plastic wheel rims, for instance? The audience at PlasTactic on Wednesday heard how this was perfectly feasible.

“Really interesting,” says Robin Jarl of Kungsörs Plast, one of the audience members.

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According to the Plastics Barometer:

Turnover has stabilised for subcontractors, but is increasing for plastics companies. They are also more proactive than other subcontractors in several areas. This is according to the Swedish Industry Association’s Plastics Barometer, which was presented on the first day of the trade show.

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Hilke Schaer, Head of Design Advanced Materials at BMW Group, is giving a talk at the fair about how the automotive giant’s designers work with polymer materials.

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Elmia is now opening new doors to make it easier for the manufacturing industry to do business. Matchmaking within the framework of Productivity Connect is a unique initiative during Elmia Polymer and the parallel fairs Elmia Automation and Elmia Welding & Joining Technology.

The new BOY 22 E plastics injection moulder uses just half as much energy as its predecessors. After its world première at Fakuma last year, it is being shown for the first time in Scandinavia at Elmia Polymer.

Future graduate engineers in design and product development are taking part in the fair this spring, thanks to a collaboration with the Institute of Technology at Linköping University. The brief: to suggest new product ideas with the help of exhibitors at the fair. The event is in the form of a competition, but the main aim is to create a meeting-place between the industry and university.

On 8-11 May the plastics and rubber industry will meet at Elmia Polymer in Jönköping, Sweden. This year the event has additional support from our Western neighbour, as the Norwegian Injection Moulding Forum is holding its annual spring conference at the fair.

“We want to see new technology, and Elmia Polymer is the ideal place for that,” says Lars Stenerud, chairman of the Norwegian Injection Moulding Forum.