23 - 25 Sep 2025

The green environments of the future

Elmia Park is a complete meeting place for all those who work on landscaping green spaces, getting outdoor environments to green and growing and attracting people to green spaces in urban environments.

Elmia Park I Anlägga.jpg


All fantastic environments start here. The possibilities, the techniques and the machines, intended for small and large projects in outdoor environments.

Within Construction you will find products such as:

  • Machines for soil preparation and construction
  • Machines and tools for road maintenance eg snow removal, sweeping, sand spreading, road border maintenance
  • Construction, compact and loading machines
  • Golf course equipment
  • Cemetery machines
  • Park and garden machines
  • Supplies and inputs for machine maintenance eg. oils and lubricants, spare parts
  • Machine Accessories
  • Tractor implements
  • Hand tools for maintenance eg motorized hand tools, earth drills
  • Transport vehicles and wagons

Elmia Park I Växa.jpg


Everything you need to make the environment green. Trees, shrubs and plants, in addition to the technology and supplies needed to thrive.

In Grow you will find products such as:

  • Supplies and inputs for cultivation e.g. grass seeds / lawns, liquid organic care products, fertilizers, soil / soil improvement, plant protection, weed control,
  • Planting aids e.g. planting boxes, tree grilles, scarves, stem protection
  • Vegetation technology e.g. products for green roofs, roof gardens, facade vegetation
  • Plants, trees and flowers eg. nurseries

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What makes the experience complete. Attracting is about light, choice of material, spatiality and encouraging play, movement and rest.

At Attract you will find products such as:

  • Lighting
  • Supplies and input goods for attractive outdoor environment eg. ground concrete, natural stone, sand
  • Playgrounds eg playground equipment, playgrounds
  • Park Furniture
  • Products for sports venues and training eg. loungers, multisport arenas, hockey rinks, soccer equipment, artificial turf, lining machines, paving, outdoor gym
  • Cleaning eg source sorting system, trash cans
  • Embellishment e.g. pots, fountains, ponds, bicycle parking, signs, weather protection, fences