Focus on innovation, technology and skill supply in partnership between Nordic Infracenter and Elmia Nordic Rail

Focus on innovation, technology and skill supply in partnership between Nordic Infracenter and Elmia Nordic Rail
The railway and transport industry is facing major challenges and issues such as skills supply, sustainability and safety that are all crucial to the industry's continued development. Nordic Infracenter, the innovative development centre that contributes to solving these challenges, is taking part in this year's fair and participating in the programme with Tech Talks and the very popular railway breakfast.

At Elmia Nordic Rail, the entire railway industry is gathering forces to turn today's challenges into tomorrow's opportunities. This year's fair is also being reinforced by the collaboration with Nordic Infracenter, the innovative development centre that aims to solve these challenges by pushing the development of the railway and transport industry in the long term and contributing to a more sustainable future.

"For Nordic Infracenter, it is important to collaborate with different actors in the railway industry to highlight, increase interest in and contribute to a modern and innovative industry. Elmia Nordic Rail is a natural place for us to meet colleagues and identify current issues and development opportunities that we can take with us in our business, says Hans-Inge Almgren, business developer, Nordic Infracenter.


Knowledge, information and inspiration

Nordic Infracenter will host no less than six Tech Talks on the main stage in the middle of the exhibition hall during the fair.

"Through our partnership, we get the opportunity to highlight Nordic Infracenter in an exciting way and give visitors some new knowledge, information and inspiration about current issues in the industry.  Our Tech Talks will deal with exciting technical areas such as "What is happening with ERTMS?" and "How is the development of Hyperloop progressing?" and on infrastructure development in general. We will also carry out some TechTalks that deal with the need for a new mindset regarding the skills supply," says Hans-Inge.


Popular railway breakfast

One of Nordic Infracenter's missions is to address future issues in the railway and transport industry by creating attractive forums with room for networking and collaboration, and during Elmia Nordic Rail the very popular railway breakfast will take place.

"Are you interested in meeting colleagues at a great and inspiring railway breakfast? If so, you should definately attend our breakfast seminar where we will spend about an hour mingling, eating a light breakfast and listening to talks about new initiatives in public transport," Hans-Inge concludes.


This is Nordic Infracenter

Nordic Infracenter is a development hub offering networking, training and innovation to those interested in rail and transport. The centre is a driving force in the development of the national railway and transport sector, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. The network ranges from engineering companies and education providers, to workshops, contractors and staffing companies.