Elmia Nordic Rail – the gateway to the railway industry

Elmia Nordic Rail – the gateway to the railway industry
With ambitions to take a bigger share of the railway sector and a passionate interest in infrastructure, GIFAS Electric AB is ready to exhibit by itself for the first time.

In previous years, employees from GIFAS Electrics have taken part in Elmia Nordic Rail and exhibited together with partner Malux Solutions, which is responsible for the company’s sales in Sweden. This year, GIFAS Electric AB will have its own stand and present the company separately.

You meet the right people at trade fairs

Many exhibitors understand the importance of making lasting new contacts that lead to profitable business. This is why it’s vital that physical trade fairs continue in the future.

“I think physical trade fairs are quite special. You get to meet people and build long-term relationships. This is where I think Elmia Nordic Rail has succeeded, which makes it stand out from other fairs.

When I’ve attended in the past, I’ve always had the feeling that everyone there is there for the right reason, and is genuinely interested in what’s happening in the industry. I think that makes Elmia Nordic Rail unique,” says Rikard Lövgren, Head of Sales in Sweden.


GIFAS Electric works with various electricity and energy solutions to develop infrastructure, both above and under ground. “We have been supplying high-quality products and customised solutions to railways across Europe for several years,” says Lövgren.

The railway is a growing market

The railway industry is a dynamic market that never stands still. It is developing with every day that passes and new solutions are emerging to streamline the industry.

 “In recent years, we’ve seen that the railway industry is a growing market that places strict requirements on industry operators. To fulfil the market’s needs, in recent years we’ve chosen to focus even more on the railway industry. We therefore consider Elmia Nordic Rail to be a fair where we can showcase our input, become even stronger in the industry and raise the profile of our brand.”

A gathering-point for the Nordics

The advantage with Elmia Nordic Rail is that it targets the railway industry across the Nordic region, which creates possibilities for future collaborations beyond Sweden.

“We hope that our customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway will visit us at the fair. At our stand we’ll be showing, for example, our guidance solution with lighting for use during emergency evacuation of tunnels,” Lövgren concludes.


The above image illustrates GIFAS Electric’s LaneLED GFK system. A safety measure used in tunnels when serious situations arise and passengers need to evacuate the train and go to the nearest emergency exit.