Food and beverage

Conferences, fairs, congresses and events - whatever the reason for your visit, we ensure that the food experience becomes a part of your overall experience.

At Elmia we are proud to collaborate with FC Gruppen as our caterer. They run all 10 restaurants and cafés inside our premises. FC Gruppen offers a wide selection of food and drinks, focusing on menus featuring local producers.

In addition to these restaurants, they also cater directly to the booths and at times we build up temporary serving locations. All savoury breads and pastries are baked in our very own bakery.  Allergies and special requests? No such thing should prevent anyone from experiencing the food at Elmia. Contact us before your visit or ask our skilled staff on-site, they can respond to the contents of our dishes and pastries.

FC Gruppen
FC Gruppen
Phone: +46 36 30 54 10

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