The meeting place for the players of waste management

Elmia Waste & Recycling has since the start been the place to go for the players of waste management. A pure trade fair with demo surfaces both indoors and outdoors, which gives visitors a necessary overview of an industry that is growing in importance every day that passes.

Operating and environmental managers in decision-making positions from both the private and public sectors come here to see the latest. Here they meet IT, waste disposal system, new materials, sorting systems, vehicles, crushers, boilers, containers, receptacles and bags that can lead to more efficient waste management. And to profitable business for you.

Two exhibitions, one meeting place

Now we make a concentrated effort - in connection with Elmia Waste & Recycling, the Water & Wastewater Fair is also arranged at the same time. The two events are strong and well-known brands in their industries, and now that they are arranged in parallel on the same area, a clearer overall picture is created that makes it easier for both exhibitors and visitors to find their way.

Future winners are recyclers. The leading fair in the Nordic for recycling and waste positions itself through this cooperation.


Elmia Waste & Recycling 2014