Invitations – Invite your customers

You have an excellent opportunity to influence which visitors come to the fair.

Invitation link

Use your invitation link to invite your customers to your stand. Place the link in a banner online or in your email signature. The link makes it easy for the visitor to pre-register on the website. You can find a banner with your company name and stand number under My pages> Invite your customers.

The link can be used an unlimited number of times.

The invitation link is unique for your company and you can see who has chosen to use your code by visiting the page My pages>My Leads.

Invitation cards

Market your participation in the fair by sending out invitation cards to your customers. That way they receive a personal invitation to your particular stand. A highly effective way of marketing your participation at the fair.

Order invitation cards

  1. Place your order by logging in to ‘My Pages’ with your username and password in the box to the right.
  2. The order form Invitation cards is under ‘My order’.

Main Exhibitors order cards for themselves and Co-Exhibitors place their own orders using their password and login for our website.


Your company name printed in black and white: SEK 995 (plus VAT) for 100 cards. Cost of extra cards: SEK 95 for 100 cards (plus VAT).

Your logo printed: SEK 1495 (plus VAT) for 100 cards. Cost of extra cards: SEK 149 for 100 cards (plus VAT).